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Hubject offers a number of B2B services to connect all players in the eMobility realm and so offering global IT-network for eRoaming. To resemble and handle that scale we rebuild the website from the ground up to improve usability, stability and lead generation on the website. With our partners from Creative Mules and QodeHub, together we simplified the complex ecosystem with an on brand and clean design.


Project Management
Brand Design
Web Design
Technical Setup




After growing for the last six years, Hubject was ready to mature its branding, reflecting the deep knowledge in eMobility and development into a global company and to incorporate every aspect of e-mobility.

Reposition Hubject as the biggest global eRoaming provider. Showcasing the strength of their global network of partners and being the innovation driver in e-mobility.


Simplifying page structure and making the abstract service of Hubject and eRoaming more approachable. Redesigned all product logos and created new animated graphics for all product pages. The complete copy was revised and adapted to fit the tone of voice and consistent phrasing across all pages.

We chose Webflow as the new technology platform and content management system. Providing easy access for the whole team and giving us enough freedom and the tools to quickly build, test, and release new product landing pages and edits. While making sure that performance and security are handled externally via Webflow.